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We are 3 months down into school and I wanted to get out some of my thoughts this far. So after the first month I was pretty disappointed at how AYOPS was going. The things I liked about it, an artist study for example, weren't there anymore and it was feeling more and more like a  random pinterest collection. I was also not happy with the literature choices, as they weren't driving the whole of the lessons. I'm sure it works fine, but it wasn't fitting us.  So what ended up happening, has been happening, is I've been collecting a few ideas off of the AYOPS curriculum and then doing my own research on literature I'd prefer and lining up the ideas I pinterest-ed myself. All while still using the ABCJLM worksheets. This whole system was working but ended up feeling a bit chaotic and I wasn't super loving each day. haha 

A friend introduced me to an instagram feed from the person who started The Peaceful Preschool, the books were exactly what we are looking for and some are even from the curriculum we used last year that I grew to love. If we hadn't already started, I would have used it for sure. So this month, december, I'm doing two of the middle letters and our advent ( an amazinggggg one, i'll have to talk about later) and its what i'm calling TRANSITION. 

Transitioning to starting The Peaceful Preschool in January and only pulling ideas I reallllllllly love from AYOPS for fun since I already bought it :/

I've realized if i'm excited, then we have a more successful study. 

Things that are working:

ABCJLM worksheets
Worksheets are not in the realm of educational styles I'm drawn to... but they have been good practice with her keeping up at getting better at writing her name and are challenging for her, which is a good thing. I'm able to pay attention to how she responds to situations where something is challenging and help work her through it. Her dad is a perfectionist, and I'm quick to give up if It doesn't come easy... she's got a good dose of both of us! 

Reading On the Banks of Plum Creek
I really wanted to read a chapter book and she had this one from her cousin and always 'pretended' to read it in her head. We are almost half way which is probably not very good. but we've enjoyed reading in the outdoors or at home. The other day she pretended to read it (out loud to me this time) and said, the wind blows on the outside and the sun ... anyway very descriptive scenery words and I thought, hey, guess she is getting it! 

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It's working but I haven't been the best at doing them. however, when we do them, they are really good. Basically I do have AYOPS to thank for this, but I will write out her thoughts for her about a topic or something she said and she will illustrate it.  One of my favorites, was when she said she wished she could go up to the sun and jesus would hold her so she wouldn't get burned. I don't think she realized there is a verse about going through fire and not getting burned... it was so neat. 

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Art Studies
We had some great times studying artists and their styles this semester. This was something AYOPS introduced in one month and I decided to keep it going again when I hodge podged the lesson plans together. 

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These are things that we've been consistent with, even though its not my personality to enjoy doing the same thing over and over. I've realized how really really important it is. The practices have helped us both in our daily routine. Counting out objects, drawing in sand trays, using the alphabet sound box. These are things that are pretty incorporated in TPP so its so nice we've had them a part of our routine already. 

 cherokee honey cake during thanksgiving

cherokee honey cake during thanksgiving

One of my favorite things about the world lessons we used was baking something from a different country. AYOPS had some baking, but TPP incorporates it under the literature  theme! something else I'm so happy about! 


In the process of publishing this post, we really got breakthough. Sometimes, it feels like i'm just doing all this stuff and nothing is coming across. But in the middle of P and O I showed her she can write POP! And from there with the letters she knows and from her name she was able to write alot more words! So she'd say, How do you spell POT? and I would tell her and she could write it!!! LIKE, HELLO, are a couple I remembebr. I'm really looking forward to fully emerging into TPP and how beautifully  it incorporates so many things I love. We've had fun, but its just getting better.