TULUM - intro

where to begin. two months ago we sat at a dirty little quarry in our city because my kids hadn't seen their dad in days gone by and we thought some family time outside would be good for everyone. except the lake we wanted to go to would be too far for stevie to get back in time for work that night. so there we were trying to make the best of this exhausting situation of working nights and days surrounded by my second least favorite bird: seagulls.....when stevie said, we need a vacation. 

I haven't heard these words in a long long time from my husband. like, over 3 years at least when we were trying to plan a trip to italy and then we decided to put our vacation money towards devout to get it to start. since then, the weekend trips we've taken have been me basically pulling stevie away from work because I was afraid he would crack. I truly believe jesus was wisdom when he said we needed rest. I've seen first hands the effects of not having it through him! 

so I was so shocked when he said he wanted to put some of the overtime he'd put in this summer to go to the Yucatan Peninsula

I've never given much thought to that area but I was determined to look! 

Stevie had mentioned playa del carmen and all I knew was that it was somewhat around Cancun.

All i knew was that I did NOT want to stay in a resort with buffets.... 

I wanted to explore and explore we did. 

with the 2am pinterest browsing and instagram location tags we were able to find some of what I think are the most amazing places.

when I was 16 I went to the jungles of panama to tell people about jesus and I never quite lost my love for it. little did I know, this city would combine my love of the jungle with stevia's love for the ocean. my love of curated aesthetics and his love for amazing food in a little town called TULUM. we never did find good coffee though, so maybe that's a thought! ;) 

I have so many places to share and experiences i'd like to process so here's our little travel guide to this beautiful place with our kids +my sister who came to help watch them so I could explore, [she's the best!] >>>