space to be.

My life looks like a lot of little projects crammed into one day, each with a different purpose or goal. Projects like house work, laundry, dishes, devout errands, event assisting, random design work, marketing, wallets?, and more dishes .... that kind of stuff. - but ultimately when the day is done, I just want to live for the glory of Jesus to be magnified in my life.

Sometimes there are moments when our home is filled with sounds of my husband's piano playing, with the sounds of little feet dancing and even littler hands clapping accompanying him. Songs arise and worship just flows out. Standing in a congregation joined with others - a heart overflows. 

But what then, in the moments of projects crammed into one day? 

I want to worship while holding a little hand as I walk her to school, or while cleaning littler hands yogurt messes swirled on the table. While washing the dishes of a corporate event, or at my own kitchen sink. 

On days when what before us seems impossible and creating a solution with what we have at hand, with prayers for strength in the midst of it. 

When our  dream made reality with a whole lot of work in-between is a constant reminder of God's grace and refining process. 

Sometimes I'm approached to do projects for freelance work. Filming, design, branding etc.  At one point this space was designed to host that. Lately, its become a place where I can document our journey and remember. Remember the seasons of life at least for now and in them, look at where my heart is in it. Does my heart still seek, search, yearn, like deer pants for water - the depths of the knowledge of God. When my kids grow old, and businesses succeed or fade, in the day to day of this race was a seeking the prize? So, in the randomness, in the reflecting. here is this space. read